Thursday, April 29, 2010



The market was again closed due to power outage and technical difficulties experienced yesterday, hopefully, all is restored today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



KSi was up yesterday on the back of strong moves by CPL and BSPHA closing stronger by 1.81 and 2.05 respectively. While BSP ended the day flat at K0.69 on light volumes, as LGL had bid as high as K8.00.

In company news, OSH released saying natural field decline, reservoir management issues and a scheduled shutdown are to blame for its first quarter production falling from the previous three months. MGO also announced its commencement in deep drilling at Yandera.

The pre-open phase of the market has offers available for CPL at K2.80 as BSP sellers are queued at K0.69. Kina this morning against aussie is buying at 0.4193 and selling at 0.3747.

Movers on the bourse yesterday 27/04/10;
BSPHA: 2.05%
CCP: 0.62%
CPL: 1.81%
HIG 21.21%
NBO: -0.25%
OSH: 4.50%

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



There were no trades yesterday as our Local bourse had power outage, while in Aussie, the market was closed due to ANZAC day.

Monday, April 26, 2010


MONDAY 26th APRIL 2010


Nothing much happened on the market last Friday, only a few trades went through for BSP and HIG at K0.69 and K0.66 respectively. CPL lost 1.78 percent over light volumes to end at K2.75, the other decline on the day was that of OSH falling 4 percent to close the week at K13.10.

The trend generally looks steady, with buyers lining up for LGL at K8.00, and offers for CPL at a low K2.80. Kina up against the aussie stands at 0.4111 buying and selling at 0.3674 today.

Last week Friday’s movers on the local bourse 23/04/10;
CPL: -1.78%
HIG: -17.50%
OSH: -4.37%

Thursday, April 22, 2010



Yesterday, saw the market close weaker with CCP sliding 0.62 percent to end at K1.59 as BSP and LGL ended with offers at K0.69 and K10.30 respectively leading KSi to lose 0.43 points to finish at the 6,480 level. Overseas, saw IOC again lost $2.61 ending the day at $68.53 while NBO on the LSE concluded at GBP5.35.

Resources overnight had gold closed weaker at $1147 per ounce likewise oil losing 22 cents to finish at $83.46.

In the pre-open phase of the market today, has sellers for NBO available at K19.50 with bids for CPL as high as K2.75. Kina this morning is buying aussie at 0.4290 and selling at 0.3823

Wednesday’s mover on the bourse 21/04/10;
CCP: -0.62%

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



The bourse had a relatively quiet opening to the week with reasonable volumes changing hands for BSP at K0.69 as others finished unchanged. NBO was the only mover advancing 2.09 percent to close at K19.45.

The local share market has been very quiet over the past few weeks, but the trend look stable over the next bit. BSP offers available at K0.69 as sellers are lined up at a low K2.80 for CPL. Our kina against aussie this morning is buying at 0.4334 and selling at 0.3862.

Yesterday’s movers on the bourse 19/04/10;
NBO: 2.09%

Friday, April 16, 2010



Yesterday, saw the local market down as traders took some profits off the table, mainly with NBO loosing 40t to finish at K19.05 after an intraday high of K19.45t. BSP, CPL, LGL and OSH were traded yesterday but closed unchanged.IOC on the NYSE jumped by a 1.75% to secure at US$75.01.

In the pre open phase of the market, offers for NGP and HIG are queued at K1.45 and K0.80 respectively. Kina versus aussie this morning is buying at 0.4292 and selling at 0.3824.

Gainers and Looser on the bourse yesterday 15/04/10:
NBO: - 2.05%
KSI: - 0.77%

Thursday, April 15, 2010



The bourse finish high yesterday, with main movers are agriculture stock, NBO gaining 45t to finish high at K19.45, and two mining stocks, HIG, which added 12t to close at 80t, and LGL recovered 10t to close at K8.00. While BSP finished unchanged at 69t after reaching a day high of 70t. Other stocks closed unchanged.

The market this morning is expected to open high on the back of a positive leads from the offshore markets last night, In pre open phase of the market, bids for OSH are queued at K13.69 while offers for MGO are lined at K0.50. Kina is averaging aussie dollar at 0.4058.

Gainers and Looser on the bourse yesterday 14/04/10:
LGL: 1.26%
HIG: 17.64%
NBO: 2.36%
KSI: 0.93%

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yesterday, saw the KSi ended lower by 0.64 percent to close at 6,423.89 points after LGL lost 10t to finish at K7.90. While BSP, CCP, KAM and OSH ended on the upside with modest volumes changing hands. Overseas, IOC ended lower at US$72.58 after reaching a mid day high of US$75.00.

No major economic releases but this morning has offers for BSP at K0.70 and CPL offers available at K2.80; Kina is buying 0.4142 and selling at 0.3693 aussie.

Gainers and Looser on the bourse yesterday 13/04/10:
LGL: - 1.25%
KSI: - 0.64%

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Monday, saw the bourse close weak with NBO lost 45t to finish at K19.00. Trading were active for BSP, LGL and OSH with their prices unchanged , while other stocks end the day session with no trading. KSi plunged 7.80 points to close lower at 6,465.59 points.

This morning has bids for HIG as high as K0.68, while offers for CPL are available at a low K2.80. Kina against the aussie is buying 0.4144 and selling 0.3692 today.

Gainers and Looser on the bourse yesterday 12/04/10:
NBO: - 2.30%
KSI: 0.12%

Monday, April 12, 2010



Local market closed the week relatively higher with NBO advancing 2.09 percent to finish at K19.45, meanwhile other stocks bunged unchanged. KSI gained 4.53 points closing at 6,451.00 points. IOC on the NYSE lost US$0.24 to close at US$72.87.

The market remains steady this morning, with offers for OSH available at K13.70, while bids for LGL queued at K7.50. In currency news, Kina is buying and selling aussie dollar at 0.4255 and 0.3791 respectively.

Gainers and Looser on the bourse yesterday 9/04/10:
NBO: 2.09%
KSI: 0.07%

Thursday, April 8, 2010



Wednesday, had the market close marginally higher at 6495 points. With BSP closing the day unchanged, while NBO gained 0.51 percent to close at K19.50 and NGP fell to K1.40 per share at the end of the day.

The opening phase of the market has seen shares traded for NBO at K19.50; while offers for CCP are available at K1.60. Kina versus aussie is selling at 0.3804 and buying at 0.4270 this morning.

Gainers and Looser on the bourse yesterday 7/04/10:
NBO: 0.51%
NGP: -3.44%
KSI: 0.02%

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



POMSoX opened the month of April high, with the largest PNG listed mining company, LGL adding 80t’s to close at K8.00. The price increase followed an almost 33% jump on ASX after news reported that Newcrest mining Ltd had offered to acquire 100% of LGL's issued ordinary shares through a scheme of arrangement. The reports also stated that LGL had rejected the offer.

OSH gained 50t while NBO lost 45t to land on a negative territory. Other stocks closed unchanged.

In the last week's markets releases:
•LGL appointed a former senior executive of BHP, Mr Graeme Hunt as the Managing Director

The pre open phase of the market, has offers for LGL queued at K8.00 while bids for NBO are lined at K19.05. KSI added 347.4 points closing high at 6,494.34 points.

Gainers and Looser on the bourse yesterday 2/04/10:
LGL: 11.11%
NBO: -2.30%
OSH: 3.78%
KSI: 5.65%

Thursday, April 1, 2010



Local market ended the month on a negative note, with light volumes changing hands for BSP, NBO and OSH. Dual listed stocks, NBO and OSH lost 50t each to land on a negative territory buoyed by a mixed leads from the offshore markets after a disappointing US job data humiliating hopes that global economy recovery will continue.

In this week's markets releases:
• KAML in its end of year report shows its investment portfolio increased by million, or 9.4% in 2009 ,
•Credit Corporation recorded Operating Profit of K33.12 million for the year ended 31 December 2009 and,
•LGL’s shares are inserted in the FTSE All World Index as well as FTSE Australia Index, which put the stock on investors’ radar screen.

This morning the market may open flat with businesses closing early for Easter Holiday’s. Offers for NGP are queued at K1.45 while bids for HIG continue at K0.68.

Gainers and Looser on the bourse yesterday 31/03/10:
NBO: -2.50%
OSH: -3.64%
KSI: -1.46%